Saturday, October 27, 2007

Languages, Languages...

Ugh...right now, I'm learning so many languages. Not that I'm complaining though :)

I'm Chinese, so I'm learning Chinese from the local Chinese School (which happens to suck, but my mom pretty much only speaks Chinese to me so I get plenty of practice).

Over the summer, I gained interest in Japanese, due to the extremely high awesome factor that it carries. I'm self-tutoring right now, but I plan to take the Japanese course in high school next year (although I heard they don't learn much there).

I'm also learning Korean from a friend. It happens to be the only language I'm learning (besides English, but I'm not really learning that anymore, obviously) that exclusively uses an alphabet! Yeyyy~. The alphabet's pretty freakin easy too.

The ironic thing is I'm teaching my friend Chinese and what little Japanese I know and he's teaching me Korean during our English class. Funny stuff.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So, let's just assume it's spring. This is the time when various animals come out of hibernation, or if you will, hiatus.

The other blog I was doing, Exunctly, has pretty much died (Like anyone else coming out of a dead team project, I blame creative differences :P). Besides, I've decided if I'm going to do a blog, I'd rather do it by myself. So, here we are. I'm bringing this blog back to life.

Hopefully it'll last and not fall into the dark depths of neglect.