Saturday, October 27, 2007

Languages, Languages...

Ugh...right now, I'm learning so many languages. Not that I'm complaining though :)

I'm Chinese, so I'm learning Chinese from the local Chinese School (which happens to suck, but my mom pretty much only speaks Chinese to me so I get plenty of practice).

Over the summer, I gained interest in Japanese, due to the extremely high awesome factor that it carries. I'm self-tutoring right now, but I plan to take the Japanese course in high school next year (although I heard they don't learn much there).

I'm also learning Korean from a friend. It happens to be the only language I'm learning (besides English, but I'm not really learning that anymore, obviously) that exclusively uses an alphabet! Yeyyy~. The alphabet's pretty freakin easy too.

The ironic thing is I'm teaching my friend Chinese and what little Japanese I know and he's teaching me Korean during our English class. Funny stuff.

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Rien said...

cool, the only language Im learning is spanish. hahaha