Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hai thar <3

YES. I'm back. Hoochah.
What has happened? Man, it's been like three-fourths of a year since I last updated this page. I really gotta get back on it, haha. Freshman year was about to start up when I last updated this thing and now lookie, it's almost over. Upperclass buddies halfway done with freaking out with APs.

But yes I shall write here a brief* summary of my freshman year, seeing as how it's almost over with only about a month left to go. So expect a giant delicious wall of text, not exactly of specific of events, but rather just general things that make me me.

Hmmm. So, I'm a bandy. Of Thousand Oaks High School. Sure, general views on band aren't exactly all cool, but I must attest that band, at least at my school, is a delicious...deliciousity. Seriously. If you try hard enough you'll make over nine thousand friends. I play the tenor sax, and I'm in the jazz band. Asians and jazz. Hmmmmmmmmm. I must say that marching around on football fields in competition and general ass-kickery was one of the highlights of first semester. Then there was spring drumline second semester, which was also fun. Sure, we didn't do so hot in competition there, but as a group I do believe we are very close to one another, which is the most important part of any team activity. Da ruv.

Yes, so another thing that happened to me is Sherry <3
She's absolutely amazing, and we've been together for more than six months now. You're probably not too interested in that, though, and this isn't really my "relationship situation rant blog" (*cough*) so I won't bore you with details. But yes, she is amazing and I love her <3

I've also really opened up socially. Like, (wow, I'm so Californian I have trouble not going "like, like" etc. Shoot me xD) if I put myself in where I was last year, I would totally not have seen myself to be where I am now. Back then, in eighth grade, my friends and I had our own little clique, and it was a very tight circle, but it was also rather exclusive, I must say. And there was always some barrier between people like us and then the so-called "popular" kids. At least, for me, the barrier has broken down and I really see no distinction now between "popular" people and "not popular" people. It's who they are that matters, not how many friends they have. I don't exactly see what my point was in saying that, but since I've already typed that out I guess I've decided I'm too lazy to go delete that and find something better to write. Welcome to my world.

But yeah, so things just kinda played out. And then swine flu happened. Funniest thing ever, the way people started panicking. I love how easily some people just take everything the media says as fact. So, we were all just laughing about the general situation, and then news came that it had spread to one of the three district high schools. They got closed down, and their prom got postponed for a month, which, cynical as it might be, just made us laugh harder, because the CDC had set a policy saying that schools had to close down all school-related activities for at least a week, but then a day or two after that high school got closed, they retracted that policy. Basically, they didn't get their free days off, and their prom got owned for nothing. Ouch.

Moving on now. Yesterday was tres fun. Woke up pretty early to work the band carwash, which was good fun. Got freaking drenched by Gil, who was manning the hose. Awesome. Nothing better than waking up and realizing you're sick and then getting owned in the face with freezing water. Oh well. It was pretty fun waving signs around and holding them around your waist so people think you're naked. Oh, the stares we got. We also got alot of cars in the car wash so I guess people like a giant cluster of high school males who appear to be naked and/or are holding the signs on their butts and waving them around. Wheeeee.

After the carwash, I went to go play at the jazz festival that was happening that day, and I do believe we performed very well. Looking forward to hearing the judges' tapes and seeing how we can improve.

Today is Mother's Day! My dad and I "forgot" about it, then we surprised her with the iPhoto book we had ordered. She liked it <3

Anyway, *breathe*, that's my rambling post for today. Rambly rambling rambles. Sorry it wasn't about any one specific thing, but I'm just startin up again. So bear with me, people/person (does anybody read this?). ;]