Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay so I'm about an hour late for this to be yesterday, which is when I was supposed to get this post up but mkay.

Mikey's amazing bunny Momo.

Okay so, haha. I’m sure no one reads this blog anyway but yeah! I’ve got good news for…uh…I guess no one. I’m going to start blogging here again. So welcome back, Thermite and Anarchy! The format of this blog shall be a daily log (hence the “log” in “blog”), but as a bonus for the first post (and because interesting things happened yesterday), I’m going to go over both today and yesterday. Woohoo.

Ok so since a blog is generally formatted newest coming first, I’ll write about today first then. So, basically I got up incredibly early for me (9 am) and went to my saxophone lessons. My teacher, Tom Peterson, is truly a great man. Not only is his character very outgoing and friendly, but he has also played the sax for 50 years, including some years in Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. But yeah, I play tenor sax, which does happen to be the sexiest instrument ever. Although bass is close. So then after that, I returned home, bothered my little sister, ate lunch, and then embarked on one of my rather common trips to my grandparents’/aunt’s/uncle’s house down in Hacienda Heights. About an hour drive or so. Man, my baby cousin is so dang cute. He’s going to be eight months old tomorrow, and he sure seems to like crawling on you while you slouch on the couch. Unfortunately, I also learned that he likes sticking his fingers in my mouth, along with drooling all over my shirt. Aah, the potential of youth!

Anyway, so from there we went out to eat Chinese food, as we always do when we go to LA (I wish we could eat something besides Chinese). So basically once I get back from that, I bug my little sister some more, and talk to some other friends as well, including a friend who had just returned from Japan, and another friend who had just arrived there. Funny. Well yeah at the moment I’m on the car ride back from Hacienda. Yay. I have five hours of battery left (MacBook Pro ftw).

And then yesterday was more of a normal day but it was still kinda fun. I got up at 2 pm, and went to go play GMod, which by the way, is amazingly fun and I recommend it to all of you who have ten bucks to spend (for those who already have a Source game. For those who don't, you’ll have to buy a Source game and GMod for twenty-five). Then I went to go feed Michael’s bunnies, because he’s out of town for swimming Junior Olympics. Go him! Of course, this was a Friday so I was planning to go to youth group that evening, but evidently the people I usually carpool with weren’t available so I got screwed over. Oh well. So I went to go hang with Victoria, and that was pretty fun. Went to Michael’s house to see his bunnies, because they’re awesome, and we called him up to make fun of him, saying he should probably clean his sheets before he sleeps in his bed. He was like “LOLWUT”. Epic.

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